When you have multiple real estate investments you may be wondering how many properties to hold in one LLC. Andrew has some answers for you about asset protection. Remember, Andrew’s advice does not constitute legal advice. Either contact Andrew directly or an attorney in your area and retain them to receive legal advice specific to you.

When you have investment or rental properties, it is important that you carry good insurance even if you are a limited liability company (LLC). In Andrew’s example with Bob’s Rental, LLC. he recommends organizing them based on value and risk.

If multiple properties have the same risk, like Andrew’s college rental property example, and lump them together in one LLC. There are ways that we can have the subsidiaries flow through one llc so you only need to file one LLC return.

You also need to consult with an asset protection attorney in your state to find out what asset protection rules apply to your LLCs. For example, in some states, the LLC asset protection rule does not apply to single member LLCs. So if you only have one rental property in an LLC, it may not be protected from creditors.

Another important consideration is how many properties you should put into one LLC. You may want to consider putting each property into a separate LLC for asset protection purposes. That way, if one property is sued, the other properties are still protected. However , this can get expensive and complicated, so you may want to consult with an asset protection attorney to see what makes sense for your situation.

Andrew wants to help you protect your assets with Asset Protection. Visit his Asset Protection here: https://aolaw.biz/asset-protection/

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